SmartBoat® is coming soon!

SmartBoat® is a new line of intelligent NMEA 2000 certified marine electronics products from Lintest Systems.

SmartBoat products offer a highly configurable interface for a wide range of devices and sensors. Wi-Fi networking support allows configuration using a browser-based interface from a laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Sensors and devices are easily connected with pluggable terminal blocks. The sensor interface can be programmed for current loop sensors, resistive senders, switch inputs, and thermistor temperature sensors. Other interfaces include DC voltage measurement, equipment run detectors, relays, and thermocouple sensors.

SmartBoat provides a fully isolated interface to the NMEA 2000 bus. A second fully isolated bus can be configured independently or used as a J1939 engine interface gateway. Network features allow NMEA 2000 busses to be bridged directly or wirelessly, with advanced multi-network support. SmartBoat can work with an existing Ethernet router and network, or a complete wireless network may be built using only SmartBoat equipment. Support for the future NMEA OneNet protocol is planned as a software update. Isolated NMEA 0183 listener and talker interfaces are combined with an NMEA 2000 gateway.

SmartBoat products are innovative, with programmable sensor and device interfaces, Wi-Fi capability, advanced multi-network support, and browser-based configuration. They provide practical benefit to the marine industry with superior installation and network management features. SmartBoat is cost effective: a single SmartBoat unit can do the work of many different conventional NMEA 2000 devices.